Which Wordsmith do I want to be?

One of the toughest decisions that I am still yet to make in life is which art form do I pursue? Do I become a master of guitar and music? Writing? Stand-up comedy? Video making? Each of these crafts can take a lifetime to master, and are all equally appealing.

A musician can inspire, move and uplift people. A good lyricist will craft his words in such a way that the listener can be struck straight in the soul by another who ‘gets it’ and has eloquently put words together in a succinctly beautiful combination. Is this what I work every day   to become?

Is this what I work every day  to become?

A writer is more versatile. A writer can take its readers to far-flung fantasy lands, back in time,  and to the future. A writer can instill empathy into its readers for differing groups in society. They can inform us, make us laugh, entertain us and make us weep like babies. A writer can write the blockbuster movie that everyone talks about in the Summer or the novel on which it’s based. Do I work every day to become this kind of wordsmith?

Do I work every day to become this kind of wordsmith?

A good stand-up comic can make an entire room of people laugh at the same time just by talking and using words. A stand-up comic can explore taboo topics and make its audience laugh at the absurdity of some aspect of it. A stand-up comic takes the absurd and drops it down at our feet like a deer carcass, we never saw it that way before and now the person we are has been changed slightly forever. Do I even try and get on a stage and give this a go?

Do I even try and get on a stage and give this a go?

All three of these art forms require writing to a high standard, and so I hereby vow that I will write whenever I can so I can perfect the craft and turn my hand to any of these. Musical proficiency is the thing I need to reach a compromise with myself on. Am I content to stay at the level that I have reached? Or should I aim to become consistently better over time without the illusions of grandeur of becoming a ‘professional?’

Whichever path I decide to take, if any, I will be disappointed. The grass is always greener on the other side but any of these choices is an extremely perilous path with little short-term reward. Anything worth having is bloody hard work as a man once said, so, in short, I’m going to aim at getting better at writing primariliy, and keep abreast of my music in the meantime. I’ll think of it as doing a major in writing and a minor in music.



Author: Atlas Stood

Human society is changing at an unprecedented pace. Political ideologies from less than 10 years ago appear out-of-touch already to a dissatisfied voting public. In the West, we can see that the days of the politicians making the rules and people largely voting between two options are disappearing. The internet is creating pockets of societal divides, now any idiot, such as myself, can blurt half-baked ill-informed opinions online. In contrast, there is now more scope for good journalism, the public can now check exactly what a politician said in the past without having to trawl through pages and pages of library newspaper archives. The ways in which music and art are sold is changing. A successful YouTuber or blogger can feasibly collect an audience from across the world. One or two people from each town across a continent and you can now garner an audience of thousands or even millions. When this generation grows old, each pocket will have different things that they remember from their youth in this era. The iPhone and Facebook will be all that unites us; if things keep going this way, then no longer will nationhood, musical genre, taught trades or local communities be the things that bring us together in our nostalgia of the past. It will instead by the account created on websites put together by large corporations and how everyone had a Facebook, even though they didn't and they don't. This blog, in short, is anything I feel like externalising that's been playing on my mind in the hope that I can maybe make others more cynical of what they see, read and hear.

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